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The Curse of the Gothic Symphony

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Run Time:
81 minutes



Randall Wood


Gary Thorpe

John Curro

Alison Rogers

Veronica Fury

Eugene Gilfedder

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The Curse of the Gothic Symphony follows the journey of a fanatical and eclectic group of music lovers who aspire to break the curse behind British composer Havergal Brian’s notorious First Symphony.

At over two hours long and requiring two orchestras, four brass bands and five full choirs it is regarded as the Mt. Everest of classical music.  Gripped by the challenge to bring off the first staging of this monstrous symphony, these modern day crusaders will not stop until they triumph against all odds.

Failure is not an option.  The curse must be broken.


"An endearing portrait of a collective obsession...Great characters. I was captivated by it. Well worth seeking out." – Julie RRIGG igg, ABC Radio National

"A revelation... Absorbing." – Evan Williams, The Australian

"A fun, feisty portrait of artistic eccentricity" – Jim Schembri, The Age

"Very moving and entertaining...I loved it" – Emma Ayres, ABC Classic FM

"Delightful...A fine portrait of obsession in action" – Alex Ross, music critic, The New Yorker

 "Breathtaking...Effervescent film" – City News Canberra

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