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Then The Wind Changed

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Consumer Advice:

Mature themes and infrequent coarse language

Run Time:
57 minutes



Celeste Geer

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WINNER Best Doco at Walkley Awards



One Australian community's inspiring recovery from a devastating firestorm.

On 7 February 2009, Australia suffered its worst natural disaster in recorded history. A firestorm of cyclonic fury swept across Victoria and 173 lives were lost. Nowhere was the destruction more terrible than in the tiny hamlet of Strathewen.

Filmmaker Celeste Geer is a member of that community, and almost before the flames had died down, she knew she was going to document its recovery. Over the next two and a half years Celeste follows a handful of individuals as they struggle to rebuild their shattered lives and find solace in unexpected places.

Then The Wind Changed is a mélange of compelling home footage, delicate observation and thoughtful meditation. It is a story of heartbreak and love, redemption and resilience.


4 STARS! “This heartfelt documentary revisits Black Saturday in a moving, respectful and ultimately uplifting way”  The Sunday Age 

“Closer than you’d ever want to get to an inferno... So close that you’ll forget you’re not a local”  Adrian Hyland, Author Kinglake-350 

“A beautifully made film, crafted with compassion […] a tender exploration of post disaster healing”  Graeme Blundell, The Australian 

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