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Unmade In China

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Coarse language

Run Time:
87 minutes

English (subtitles where necessary)


Gil Kofman


As themselves: Shone An, Yixuan An, Tanner King Barklow, Yuanzheng Feng, Michael Hersey, Chunjun Jing, Gil Kofman & Seth Scher

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Winner of two Best Documentary Awards at the 2012 Sydney Underground Film Festival and the 2013 Bloody Hero Film festival, Unmade in China follows the experience of a Los Angeles filmmaker who finds himself in Xiamen, China trying to direct a thriller, in Chinese, using a translator .

Unmade in China follows American director Gil Kofman as he travels to Xiamen, China to direct the Republic's first ever thriller. Once there he discovers that the old adage of making a film three times, once in the writing, once in the shooting and once in the editing, is in fact just the opposite in his host country, where his film is unmade three times.

Undaunted by his inability to speak or understand the Mandarin language, Kofman directs his frequently recast actors through a translator as government censorship and constant cultural mishaps hijack his script and derail production. Like Man of la Mancha set in Communist China, there has never been a film quite like this.

What results is an hilarious documentary of an overeager American striving to make art in a Communist regime that is itself unsure of its identity...


Gutsy, hilarious filmmaking with global balance-of-power resonance - Ross McElwee

A brilliant documentary... Kofman is some sort of genius - Gig City

Kofman and Barklow personify idiosyncrasy and artistic derring-do -

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