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Yes Madam, Sir

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Mild themes

Run Time:
95 minutes

English, Hindi


Megan Doneman


Kiran Bedi
Narrated by Helen Mirren

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One journey can change a life. One life can change the world.

Filmed in India over six years and narrated by Academy Award winning actor, Helen Mirren, YES MADAM, SIR is an epic story profiling Asia Nobel Prize winner, Kiran Bedi – India’s first woman police officer.

YES MADAM, SIR carries the audience through an emotional, tumultuous, frustrating and often hilarious journey of a person who defies all odds, makes history, ruffles feathers, and who triumphs to ultimately affect change from within a centuries-old world.

A modern day Gandhi, Bedi is an intriguing paradox: deified by millions for her commitment to social justice and her public stance against corruption; vilified by the establishment as a publicity seeking, uncontrollable megalomaniac. The true drama lies not in Bedi’s extraordinary actions but in the inherent contradictions in her character. In Bedi’s eyes, she fights the fight of the underdog.

Paradoxically the very qualities that propel Kiran Bedi to triumph could ultimately spell her downfall. The contradictions in Bedi’s character are most evident than when her work and personal life are paralleled. Through exclusive scenes of Bedi on the job as India’s most controversial police officer, intimate home scenes with her father and daughter and tender moments with her estranged husband, the filmmaker’s uncensored access unravels the truth behind the icon.

Packed with heart, YES MADAM, SIR is a roller coaster ride of the triumph and frustration, fame and infamy, comedy and tragedy, passion and pain of a sole leader. YES MADAM, SIR is also a searing insight into a lawmaker who becomes a law unto herself.


Andrew Urban, Sydney Morning Herald
"Doneman's self-funded film is provocative and engaging. It's a strong story about a strong woman who doesn't use her gender to manipulate men, nor does she stop being a woman, showing a well-maintained relationship with her husband, daughter and father…"

Richard Kuipers, Variety
 “YES MADAM, SIR is an enthralling chronicle of Kiran’s Bedi’s tempestuous career as India’s first elite policewoman. Granted unrestricted access to Bedi for six years, Aussie doc maker Megan Doneman has created a dynamic and editorially rigorous profile of this adored public figure, whose radical methods and running battle with the bureaucracy made headlines in 1972 until her retirement… Debutante Doneman multitasks with distinction…”

Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter
“Like a character out of Charles Dickens…No playbook exists for dealing with such a passionate, obsessive, scary personality. The word “scary”, by the way, is supplied by her estranged husband in the movie… This is a complex life and these are complex issues especially to foreign eyes. Yet Doneman does a terrific job of making all things clear and even making a seeming supercop all too human… a film as smart and as funny as its title…”

Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly
 “…But SIR isn’t pure celebration; the egoism beneath Bedi’s altruism, and the self-absorption that costs Bedi’s daughter and husband dearly, are also shown. The result dazzles; a depiction of enviable heroism within a flawed and recognizably human persona”

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