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Erasing David

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Documentary - Humanities

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Coarse language

Run Time:
80 minutes



David Bond and Melinda McDougall

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David Bond has nothing to hide… but does he have nothing to fear?

Once the bastion of freedom and civil liberties, the UK is now one of the most advanced surveillance societies in the world - ranked third after Russia and China. The average UK adult is now registered on over 700 databases and is caught daily on one of the 4 million CCTV cameras located on nearly every street corner in the country. Increasingly monitored, citizens are being turned into suspects. But if you’ve got nothing to hide, surely there’s nothing to fear?

When DAVID BOND receives a letter informing him that his daughter Ivy is among 25 million residents whose details have been lost by the government’s Child Benefit Office, he begins a journey that will see him hounded across Europe.

David soon discovers some alarming truths about what the government and private companies already know about ordinary citizens. He meets people who have been caught in the crossfire of the database state and have had their lives shattered.

As his concern grows, he makes a life-changing decision. He will leave his pregnant wife and child behind and put himself under surveillance for thirty days. The UK’s top Private Investigators are hired to discover everything they can about him and his family – and track David down as he attempts to vanish. Is it still possible to live a private, anonymous life in the UK?  Or do the state and private companies already know too much about ordinary people?

Forced to contemplate the meaning of privacy – and the loss of it, David’s disturbing journey leaves him with no doubt that although he has nothing to hide, he certainly has something to fear…


“A riveting exposé of our digital age that plays like a Hitchcockian thriller – both chilling and very funny.” – Henry Fitzherbert, Sunday Express

“A low budget documentary version of The Conversation, cut with The Bourne Identity.” - Wired
“Breezily succeeds in showing how an individual’s right to privacy has been jeopardised in our brave new digital world.” - Total Film

 “Delivered with one hand on your pulse and the other hand smacking you in the face, Erasing David is a timely clarion call to those of us interested in guarding our civil liberties in an increasingly invasive digital age. An intelligent and subtle reminder that YOU are in charge.” - Sheffield Doc/Fest UK

"A brilliant new documentary.” - Henry Porter, The Observer, UK

"A rousing and fascinating call to arms to protect our privacy."- The Independent, UK

(Number 1 in the Independent’s top 10 picks of the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival)
“A really terrific film” - Sundance Film Festival, USA

“Reveals not only how easy it is to get private data on an individual, but also how paranoid an innocent man can become by having his privacy invaded”” - Spiked

“It's rare to see a documentary that carries the same edge-of-your-seat intensity as a Hollywood thriller, but Erasing David does.” - True/False Film Festival USA

“Groundbreaking” - Yorkshire Post, UK

“A must see documentary”” - Uncover The News, USA

“Excellent”” - South by Southwest Film Festival, USA

“Vividly illustrates how widely and easily information about us is available from a variety of sources”  - Datonomy

"Compelling"  - The Wall Street Journal

"Particularly bold" - New York Times

"Thrilling, funny and highly entertaining" - The Doc Blog

"Frightening.  A documentary of great importance" - Gordon And The Whale

"A chilling journey" - eFilmCritic

"A chilling thriller" - Movietainment

"Keeps you watching, enthralled" - Huffington Post

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